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(The scene starts with Tsuyoi and Radia floating outside the burning mini-base. Light violet flames and smoke are drifting from the shaking base.)

Radia: What could be happening in there?

Tsuyoi: I have no idea!

(Tsuyoi looks closer and notices escape pods bursting out the sides.)

Tsuyoi: (Bitterly) But they seem to know.

(Radia frowns and lets go of Tsuyoi. The jets on her feet return and she hovers a few inches away from Tsuyoi.)

Radia: Did someone activate the self-destruct or something?

Tsuyoi: I doubt it. I mean, wouldn't a self-destruct just be one big explosion?

(Radia shrugs.)

Radia: I guess. But that's clearly more than one big explosion.

Tsuyoi: No kidding.

(Tsuyoi looks for a moment before shaking his head and turning to Radia.)

Tsuyoi: We should probably go…

(Radia sighs and nods solemnly.)

Radia: Agreed.

(Tsuyoi holds out his hand. Radia smiles brightly and races to grab his hand, letting out a small squeal. They start flying in the direction of the crowd.)

(The scene cuts back to Henu, Shin and Niwa standing in the forest with the other Shades. Henu looks deep in thought while Shin and Niwa look awestruck.)

Henu: Could it be a self-destruct? I mean, usually, it's a single explosion. Well, I suppose that they could have a chain of miniature explosions but it would be a lot quicker and more efficient than this. Besides, why would they want to self-destruct?

(Shin shrugs.)

Shin: That's true, but…well, does it really matter? I mean whatever it is, it's kicking butt.

Henu: True, but it kind of does matter. If it's an outside force, maybe we could find allies. Or maybe it's another Shade. That's it! It has to be a Shade! You can tell by the kind of damage. From the inside, so they had to be a Shade to get in. And it gives them motivation and reason for attacking. Also, the way that the damage is being inflicted and how it's spreading. It's not just some extra damage, it's deliberate. So, in theory, we might have an ally here.

(Shin looks at Henu, impressed.)

Henu: (After thought) In theory anyway.

Shin: No, that sounds right. You had a very good point.

(Shin looks at Henu as if he is inspecting him.)

Shin: You're very observant, Henu. And intelligent, it seems.

(Henu shrugs and smiles.)

Henu: Only trying to help.

(Shin looks at him for a moment.)

Shin: You're not just smart, you're wise. You think with your head more than your heart. Your biggest strength and weakness. Your head makes rational decisions but your heart makes right decisions.

Henu: I…I don't understand.

Shin: Just remember that.

Henu: I will…

(Henu's face falls back into concentration.)

Henu: So the attacker is a Shade, right?

Shin: Seems like it.

Henu: Then why didn't they come out with us?

(Shin thinks for a moment before shrugging. Niwa looks up at Henu.)

Niwa: Maybe they had a bone to pick with them…then again, don't we all?

(Henu and Shin nod.)

Henu: But…Shade or not, the attacker seems to be very powerful…

Shin: All Shades have the potential to be extremely powerful. It's about using those powers.

(Henu furrows his eyebrows.)

Henu: Hm, powerful…but not skilled. See how it's just spreading carnage? If they truly wanted to just take it out, nice and easy, they'd go to the main power grid and destroy it from there. But this one is just blasting away at it. They're most likely new to this and lack restraint. Whether it's from personally wanting to just cause damage without control or not having the control, it's hard to say…

(Shin thinks for a moment.)
Shin: So a rookie Shade. No control over their power. And out for revenge?

Niwa: And still inside the mini-base after we left.

(Henu thinks even harder, scratching his head.)

Henu: (Thought) New Shade, no control, revenge…that could be…no, wait. Tsuyoi and Radia…or…did they? …if they did, then that rules her out but…if not…

(Henu looks up at the mini-base.)

Henu: (Thought) Meari…?

(The view goes back to the mini-station, where Meari stands in the main bay. She is glowing magenta with balls of magenta fire on her arms and in her hair. She hurls a ball of fire at a wall, causing a bright explosion.)

Meari: They left me behind! They left me behind!

(Meari throws two more balls of fire. She kicks suddenly, sending another fireball from her foot. She walks forward, still seething with rage and breathing deeply. As her breath steadies, she starts to relax.)

Meari: Well…they did think I was dead…ok, yeah, that's it. They just didn't know. I'm sure when they see that I'm fine, everything will be ok.

(Meari looks back at all of the fire. She chuckles.)

Meari: Not for them, though.

(Meari levitates into the air and throws another fireball.)

(The view goes back to Henu, Shin and Niwa in the woods. Radia and Tsuyoi run up to them. Radia hugs Henu quickly.)

Shin: (Relieved) Hey, you guys made it out.

Henu: (Nervously) Where's Meari?

(Radia and Tsuyoi's faces fall. Tsuyoi looks guiltily at Henu, his eyes shaking.)

Tsuyoi: I…I couldn't…I…

(Henu casts his gaze to the ground, deep in thought once again.)

Henu: Then… (Blurts out) Then it's her!  

(Shin, Tsuyoi, Radia and Niwa look at him.)

All but Henu: What?

Henu: The attacker of the mini-base! It has to be Meari!

Tsuyoi and Radia: Meari?

Shin: Your other friend?

(Henu nods.)

Henu: Yeah, her name was Meari. And she fits all of the criteria. Still inside after we left, new to Shades, seeking revenge and obviously, little control of her power. Unless it's someone we don't know, it has to be Meari.

Radia: But…we saw her die…

Henu: (Confused) Huh?

Radia: (Sadly) When Tsuyoi was attacking, he...he hit the control panel…

Tsuyoi: (Regretfully) It's my fault….

Henu: (Doubtfully) No, that can't be true. If Meari's dead, then who is-

Shin: Probably someone we don't know…

(Henu still looks doubtful. Radia starts to cry. Tsuyoi stares at the ground. Radia wipes
her tears on her sleeves.)

Radia: I-it's ok.

(Radia laughs weakly.)

Radia: She wouldn't wanna see us cry, now would she?

(Tsuyoi nods.)

Tsuyoi: Yeah, you're right.

(Shin smiles. Henu still seems doubtful.)

Henu: (Thought) No…no, this can't be right…

(Niwa clears her throat and all but Henu look at her.)

Niwa: Uh…what's your name again?

Shin: Oh, it's Shin, uh…?

(Niwa smiles.)

Niwa: Niwa.

Shin: Niwa.

Niwa: Um, so what do we do now?

(Shin thinks for a second.)

Shin: Can you get them to calm down for a moment?

(Niwa nods and smiles. Niwa gets a Shade-mode sequence.)

Niwa: Butterfly wings!

(Niwa sprouts pink butterfly wings that are about a head taller than her and come to her mid-calf. She takes flight and starts flying over the crowd of people.)

Niwa: QUIET!!!

(Everyone silences and she flies back to Shin. She stops glowing and her butterfly wings disappear in a puff of pink sparkly mist. She grins. Shin smiles at her and steps forward.)

Shin: Uh…Hi, everyone. I'm Shin. So, I guess, you can all go home now.

(Some of the crowd shifts nervously and small murmurs are heard. A girl steps forward.)

(The girl is about as tall as Shin and thin. She has curly, dark brown hair in a ponytail that falls to her shoulders, lavender eyes and plain, freckly skin. She is wearing a short, dark purple tank top, brown shorts that come halfway down her thigh, gray socks and dark purple sneakers. She appears unsettled.)

Girl in Purple: Uh, Shin?

(Shin looks at her.)

Shin: Yes, uh…?

Girl in Purple: My name's Makita. Um, thanks for breaking us out and letting us free but…we really have nowhere to go.

(Tsuyoi, Henu and Radia look shocked.)

Radia: Nowhere to go?

(Niwa nods sadly.)

Niwa: When we were Contained, they went through and destroyed our towns.

(Radia gasps.)

Makita: The survivors fled to larger towns. And that's what the Shade Effect's been doing. Going from town to town, ruining more lives. Once they figure out you're a Shade, you're done…

(Radia frowns, looks to the ground and turns to Tsuyoi and Henu.)

Radia: Did that just happen to us?

(Tsuyoi's eyes widen in realization.)

Tsuyoi: (Thought) First Meari…now our home…

Shin: (Thought) It's worse than I expected.

Shin: (Speak) There are safe havens, primarily in Heiwa. I would go there. King Heishi has gladly been accepting refugees.

(The many Shades smile in approval and a few nod.)

Shin: But before you go, I have a favor to ask.

Makita: Anything.

Shin: When we need you, we'll call. I ask you, to answer that call.

(The Shades cheer and each raise a fist, holding a ball of light the color of whichever Shade they are. The energy lights extinguish and they all begin to rush off to the roads. Niwa turns to Shin.)

Niwa: Bye, Shin. Thanks for everything.

(Shin and Henu wave as Niwa sprouts butterfly wings and takes off. Shin turns to Tsuyoi, Henu and Radia.)

Shin: Now, I have an offer for you guys.

Tsuyoi: Let's hear it.
Shin: I've been travelling around, doing stuff like this for a while. Basically, working as a vigilante to take down the Shade Effect. But I can only do so much on my own. So I was wondering, if you guys would help me.

(Tsuyoi and Radia look at each other then at Henu.)

Radia: I think we should, don't you?

Tsuyoi: I think so. But what about you, Henu?

(Henu looks up from his deep thought. He nods.)

Henu: Yeah…yeah, we should.

(Radia and Tsuyoi smile. Shin grins.)

Shin: Great. Now, out of curiosity, what Shades are you?

Radia: I'm Bright Yellow!

(Radia slightly glows yellow.)

Tsuyoi: Flame Red.

(Henu is about to speak but his face grows puzzled.)

Henu: How do you know that we're Shades?  

Shin: I had a feeling when you were fighting people off in the town. Something about you two gave me that idea. And I proved myself right when we flew through the barrier onto the mini-base. It blocks out non-Shades. When we went through, if you weren't a Shade, you would've been thrown back. When you asked why they didn't just shut the doors, I realized it was a trap.

(Tsuyoi pumps his fist in the air and turns to Henu.)

Tsuyoi: I told you! We are Shades!

(Henu rolls his eyes.)
Henu: Ok, so I'm not always right, big deal.

(Radia smiles and giggles.)

Radia: So what Shade are you?

(Henu looks up, caught off guard by the sudden attention.)

Henu: Um, Lime Green.

Radia: Cool!

(Henu blushes slightly. Radia turns to Shin.)

Radia: So what's the plan?

Shin: Basically? To take down the Shade Effect.

Radia: Then I'm so in!

Tsuyoi: Me, too!

(Henu nods in agreement.)

Shin: Perfect. Well, first things first, go back to your home. Get some basic supplies. Some clothes, money, anything you can't live without. Keep it light, though. Just one large bag should be good.

Radia and Tsuyoi: Alright.

Henu: The town's this way.

(Henu starts walking down the road, followed by Tsuyoi, Radia and Shin.)

(The view fades to Meari's face, whose eyes are closed. When the previous scene fully fades away, her eyes open quickly.)

Meari: H-how did I do that? That's so cool!

(The view pulls out and she is flying, using flaming magenta wings to hover in the air. She is also glowing Magenta.)

Meari: Wow! What else can I do? Well, never mind that, right now. Pack light, essentials. I can do that.

(Meari starts flying off in a similar direction.)

(The view cuts to later. Tsuyoi, Radia and Henu walk into the village and look around. There is evidence of large damage and some fires. It is deserted and almost totally wrecked. Radia gasps and her hands fly to her mouth. Henu looks around, trying to get a good look. Tsuyoi's eyes are wide and his jaw is dropped.)

Radia: They destroyed everything!

Tsuyoi: Everyone's gone….

(A few tears come to Radia's eyes. Tsuyoi turns to her and holds her shoulders.)

Tsuyoi: Don't worry, Radia. Our parents got out, we saw.

Radia: (Sniffling) They did?

(Tsuyoi nods, smiling. Radia sniffles and smiles. She wipes her tears away.)

Henu: Let's go get our stuff soon. It's almost morning.

(Radia and Tsuyoi look up at the sky, which is starting to turn a lighter blue. They nod and start walking off through the town. The view pulls back, showing a full shot of the destroyed town.)

(The view cuts to the edge of the town. Meari quickly lands and her wings disappear in a cloud of magenta dust. She looks at the town and sighs.)

Meari: My home…

(Meari shuts her eyes and starts walking into the town. She avoids looking at the buildings for the most part but one pretty yet quaint house catches her eyes. The door is ripped off it's hinges and all the windows are shattered. Meari gasps and stops walking.)

Meari: Radia…

(There is a small flashback where Radia and Meari are young and playing in front of the house. Radia has short, curly brown hair that falls to her shoulders and is wearing a yellow sundress and no shoes. Meari has light brown hair that barely reaches her shoulders and is wearing a white tank top and pink shorts. The two laugh and the flashback ends, returning to the current state.)

(Meari sighs and continues walking. She sees her house and quickly runs up to it. It is only two stories tall and about one or two rooms wide. It is intact for the most part, except for the door. Meari notices someone walking up the steps. She squints and sees Henu in the doorway.)

Meari: Henu!

(Henu spins around. When he sees her, he gasps and smiles.)

Henu: Meari?

(Meari runs forward and hugs Henu. After a few moments, she lets go and steps back.)

Henu: Y-you're alive! I was right!

Meari: Right about what?

Henu: Tsuyoi and Radia thought you were dead. But then I saw the mini-base being destroyed and I had this feeling that you were alive.

Meari: (Happy) You saw me destroy the base?

Henu: So, it was you! I was right all this time.

Meari: I guess. But did you know I was a Shade?

Henu: I figured it out when you started blowing up the mini-base. But did you know that I'm a Shade?

Meari: You are?

(Henu gets his Shade-mode sequence.)

Meari: Lime Green? It fits you.

Henu: (Chuckling) I guess. What's yours?

Meari: Magenta.

(Meari's eyes flash magenta. Henu smirks.)

Henu: It fits you.

(Meari laughs.)

Meari: Where are the others?

Henu: Tsuyoi and Radia? They're getting some supplies. See, we met this guy named-

Meari: Shin, I know.

Henu: (Confused) How do you know?

(Meari pauses a moment, thinking.)

Meari: I'm not really sure. I just got this vision of you guys…maybe it's part of my Shade.

(Meari shrugs.)

Henu: So, you're in?

Meari: (Laughing) What do you think?

(Henu smiles and they walk into the house.)

(The view goes to Tsuyoi. He is standing inside his house. He has a black backpack now. He walks over to a small table and picks up a picture frame. It's a picture of Meari and Tsuyoi. Meari is wearing a black, strapless dress and Tsuyoi is wearing a black suit.)

(Flashback. Meari, Tsuyoi, Henu, who is in a black suit, and Radia, who is in a short-sleeved yellow and lace dress, are standing at what appears to be a dance. A slower song starts playing. Radia walks over to another guy who has black hair and light blue eyes and they start to dance. Henu leans against the wall. He looks at Tsuyoi, then glances at Meari, and looks back. He winks and leans back. Tsuyoi turns to Meari and holds out his hand.)

Tsuyoi: Uh, Meari…

(Meari turns and looks at his hand. She opens her mouth, about to yell at him. She pauses before sighing and taking his hand. Tsuyoi looks at her shocked. She blushes slightly and looks to the side.)

Meari: I'm only doing it cuz we're friends…and I feel bad that you have no one else…

(Tsuyoi lets out a small breath and wraps his arm around her waist. She cringes for a moment before moving her free hand to his shoulder. Eventually, she looks at him and Tsuyoi starts laughing.)

Meari: (Indignant) What's so funny?

Tsuyoi: I just didn't think this'd be happening tonight.

(Meari looks at him for a moment before her anger fades.)

Meari: Neither did I...but I don't mind, do you?

(Tsuyoi shakes his head.)

Tsuyoi: Not at all.

(Tsuyoi smiles and Meari blushes for a moment before smiling back. The flasback ends.)

(The view goes back to Tsuyoi as a tear slides down his face. The view pulls back to show Radia standing in the doorway.)

Radia: (Timidly) Tsuyoi…? (Tsuyoi looks up. He wipes his eyes on his wrist.)

Radia: (Sadly) I miss her too…

(Radia walks up and hugs him. Tsuyoi hugs her back, closing his eyes. Meari walks into the doorway. Her faces falls when she sees Tsuyoi and Radia.)

Meari: Tsuyoi…?

(Radia and Tsuyoi pull apart slightly and look toward the door. Meari's eyes look pained. Tsuyoi's eyes widen and he smiles.)

Tsuyoi: Meari!

(Radia smiles, pushes Tsuyoi away slightly, runs toward Meari and tackles her with a hug. Meari laughs as she catches Radia. She eventually pulls away.)

Radia: (Almost crying) Meari! You're alive! I thought I lost you!

Meari: (Slightly chuckling) You can't get rid of my that easily.

(Tsuyoi walks over and stands next to her.)

Tsuyoi: (Stunned) H-how did you get out?

(Meari grins.)

Meari: I'm a Shade.

(Meari's eyes flash magenta and she laughs.)

Meari: I'm Magenta.

(Radia gasps happily.)

Radia: Yeah! We're all Shades!

Meari: Wait, let me guess…Bright Yellow and Flame Red?

Radia: (Shocked) How do you know that?

Meari: Must have something to do with my Shade. But I pretty much saw this vision. I also know about Shin and the plan.

Tsuyoi: So you're in?

Meari: Of course, I am.

Radia: Sweet! Then we better get back to Shin.

(Radia quickly walks out the door. Henu looks back at them before starting to walk away. Meari turns to walk away and catches sight of the photo in Tsuyoi's hand. She stops turning.)

Meari: What's that?

(Tsuyoi's face quickly turns to fear and he puts his hand behind his  back.)

Tsuyoi: (Panicked) Nothing.

Meari: Just tell me!

Tsuyoi: It's nothing.

(Meari reaches and tried to grab the picture but Tsuyoi moves his hand, causing her to grab his wrist. Tsuyoi and Meari freeze, both blushing. Meari glances at Tsuyoi's face before noticing the photo. She quickly snatches it from his hand and looks at it. She chuckles and hands it back.)

Meari: I remember when that happened. (Laughing) I remember Radia's shoe getting stuck in the mud when we left.

(Tsuyoi and Meari laugh for a moment. Meari looks at Tsuyoi, pausing for a moment. She turns away and heads toward the door.)

Meari: We better get going.

(Tsuyoi nods and they both start walking.)

(The view cuts to Shin, Henu and Radia standing on the hill from the first episode. Tsuyoi and Meari walk up the hill. Shin notices Meari. Shin tilts his head and gives her a questioning look. Meari smiles.)

Meari: I'm new.

(Shin straightens his head.)

Shin: I can tell.

Meari: My name's Meari. I'm a friend of Tsuyoi, Radia and Henu's. And I'm a Shade.

Henu: The one that attacked the mini-base.

Shin: (Shocked) That was you?

(Meari nods.)

Shin: Wow. Impressive.

(Meari laughs slightly.)

Meari: Thanks.

Shin: So, what Shade are you?

Meari: Magenta.

(Meari's eyes flash magenta. Shin looks shocked and somewhat scared for a moment before quickly regaining his composure. Meari's expression becomes confused.)

Meari: Is something wrong?

Shin: (Calmly) Oh, nothing's wrong. Why?

Meari: Oh, nothing. Just my…imagination…
Shades (Season 1, Episode 4): Lavender Blues

So this is a low-key episode in comparison to the other three. Just introducing the plot and setting and finishing the introductions for the main characters.

If you haven't read them already, read the other episodes which are in my gallery in the Shades folder.

Any questions, comments, suggestions on the plotline and the characters are welcome and encouraged. And if you like this, watch me for updates and the new episodes.

Shades is the sole propery of me, =yyjvmb and ~PlatypusCrazy98. She also has it uploaded, so don't flag hers or mine, we both own it.
If you would like, for whatever reason, to use the characters, story, ideas etc. please just ask first.
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